warren buffett japan

The other week Warren Buffett invested in Japan and a few people asked what I think about his recent move.

I rather not speculate why Warren Buffett does anything but Invest with Tom gives a great overview why he could have invested in Japan. As always Tom gives some great explanations and also explains the Japanese market a bit. It is definitely worth the watch and one of the better videos on this subject.

My personal thoughts on it : Japan is a value investors dream. There are plenty of overlooked stocks that are selling at low multiples. The problem is that Japan still has a stigma that it is somehow shareholder unfriendly. if people would pay attention they would noticed that they changed a lot in the last couple years ( partially thanks to abenomics). Japanese companies now also embrace buybacks and pay dividends. If you ask me they are definitely worth a look. I’m quite happy that Warren Buffett put some focus on this overlooked market.

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