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Today I want to share with you the best the intelligent investor summary I’ve seen or read in a long time. The Swedish Investor is doing a great job putting the biggest parts of his book into a short Video. The graphics are amazing and especially the part with Mr Market is invaluable. I personally think the concept of Mr Market is one of the most important things in Investing. The market behaves irrational at times and if the Market offers you a great company at a low price it’s the time to buy. As always the Swedish Investor is doing a great job with the graphics and he is getting the main points of the book.

If you haven’t read the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham then I highly recommend that you grab a copy. I read it about ten years ago and even after reading about 70 books on intelligent investing / investing in general I can still say that this book is among the best ever written. The entire Value Investing community builds on the knowledge of Ben Graham. After all he was Warren Buffett’s teacher. Investing strategies evolved a lot since the book was written and I personally think it’s harder nowadays to make money with the so called net nets or cigar butt stocks but nonetheless the knowledge you gain from reading the book is invaluable. The Summary by the Swedish Investor gives you a good primer and it has a lot of the information you need.

This the Intelligent investor summary is the next best thing you will find. Please let me know in the comments how you liked the video. I will make sure to post more great content for everybody that is interested in intelligent investing out there. And make sure you come back in the coming days for more great content.

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