The other day I discussed Options with a friend and I noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Call options got a bad reputation recently and I assume this is mostly because of the yolo […]
Wow what a controversial title but I felt like there are so many misunderstandings about the term value investing out there so I figured I would make a quick blog post to share some thoughts. Many people assume that […]
Small Caps Large Caps
Are small cap stocks better than large cap stocks? I just thought about this topic this morning and decided to make a quick post about it. A lot of people say that small caps are better than large […]
Chinese stocks such as Alibaba, JD etc got hit hard over the last weeks and I wanted to share some thoughts on it.  Lets start with the good things first:  I think we are all in agreement that […]
There are endless blog post about which stock to buy today but very little is being said about selling stocks. It’s just not something that gets discussed very often so in this video I wanted to share some […]
Today I came across a very interesting thread by finish author Heikki Keskiväli that I wanted to share with you guys. In the thread he is discussing the characteristics of a perfect company 1/🧵 Great companies come in […]
stock market crash
A lot of people are always wondering if they should invest right now or if its better to wait for a market crash to buy stocks I made a quick video where I am sharing my thoughts. I […]
is tesla overvalued?
So the other day I was making a video about how to short tesla like a boss. As you might have figured it was meant as a joke. But I’ve been thinking a bit more about the valuation […]
tesla stock price
My recent post got a lot of comments by Tesla Fans so I wanted to clarify further why I would Never buy a share of Tesla. If you are a Tesla shareholder or Fan take the time to […]
evil short sellers
Shortsellers are going after our favorite stocks to profit therefore we should despise them right? But are they all really bad? Don’t just read articles and blog posts that confirm your view about a company. Right now a […]