warren buffett short selling
Did you ever wonder what Warren Buffett thinks about short selling stocks ? I found an old video from one of their famous berkshire hathaway meetings and he is answering the question in great detail
common stocks common profits
The author is by Edgar Wachenheim III and if you don’t know him yet then I highly suggest a google search because he’s one of the best value investors out there. Who is this book for: This book […]
charlie munger Caltech interview
If you have one hour of time today then I highly recommend that you watch the Charlie Munger Caltech interview from December 14 2020. I personally believe that when Charlie speaks everybody should pay attention. He discusses things […]
warren buffett japan
The other week Warren Buffett invested in Japan and a few people asked what I think about his recent move. I rather not speculate why Warren Buffett does anything but Invest with Tom gives a great overview why […]
peter lynch quotes


I’ve been a huge fan of Peter Lynch’s Investing Strategies all my life so I figured its time to put together a few of the best Peter Lynch Quotes on Investing. Long story short here are some of […]
beating the street summary
I read Beating the Street 3 times and I think this book is one of the best investment books out there. If yo haven’t read it yet then this short Beating the Street summary will definitely get you […]
mohnish pabrai boston college lecture
In this Mohnish pabrai boston college lecture Mohnish explains why Investors should invest alone. At first it might appear contra productive. Isn’t it better when more people combine their thoughts and ideas ? In investing this is not […]